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The World is too big… (And Smarter)

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In my short professional life I have met a lot of smart people and always thought and wondered why someone which such qualities is not in a better professional position than they are in today or why they have not achieved the greatness of other Entrepreneurs or visibly successful people in world.  This has been bugging me for quite some time and I have been asking these questions to some of them for two reasons one is for the sake of constant quest to understand how the world works and then the other is for myself as I discovered I might be taking the same path if I don’t change the course fast enough.


Lot of people in the world are as smart and dedicated as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk or other successful visionaries and every one of them have every potential to achieve the same success as these men\women did. Some of the reasons why someone might be constrained in their career or life is because of the environment they live in, the risk someone is willing to take, trying to navigate and satisfy the social constraints and family life and others. But I still don’t think these barriers are difficult for most of them to break. Everyone has their own challenges and way they can overcome but definitely I would like to see more people do it.


I also believe someone who is happy and satisfied with where are they today is still equivalent to all this greatness around. But there are few like me who want to take that extra step and achieve dreams which are been held for far too long. At the end one thing is true the world is definitely bigger and smarter than we actually think.