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A little bit about me

My name is Vijay Rathna. I am a Software Programmer and a Leader by profession and a futurist in intellect. I have been fascinated from very young age about Space, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In this website I would like to take you through a lens eye view of my discovery into these worlds.

The very Idea of Future and Space thrills me anytime. My goal is to play any possible part in advancing human exploration in space. Also I am one of those very few who believe death is just a disease which can be cured.


I work as a Software Solutions Architect at Chateaux Software, USA. I come from a software product development background and am an avid enthusiast to see how a product born from an Idea achieves great success. I enjoy wearing different hats throughout an SDLC from  definer to software delivery.  I was a Lead Analyst at Bally Technologist (a casino based gaming company) for 3 years and before that a Project Lead at an start up company, East Collaborative Technologies Bangalore. When I am not on computer I am on adventure sports or hiking.

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